Supreme & Magellian Armour, Imperial Donator, Supreme Box, Discord Integration

Imperial Donator

A new $20,000 donator rank has been added to Genesis... IMPERIAL DONATOR!

- Imperial Donator Zone
- 90DR (30 higher than Omega)
- 180 DDR (40 higher than Omega)
- 200% XP Boost (30% higher than Omega)
- 10% DMG Boost (3% higher than Omega)
- 5 loot blocks (1 higher than Omega)

Imperial Donator Zone

The Imperial donator zone is only accessible by reaching the $20K donator rank. This zone has Imperial rocks, Imperial trees, Imperial altar, Imperial chest, and the Imperial Spider Global Boss.

You must obtain 100x of each Imperial ore, logs, and runes & bring them to the altar to create an Imperial key.


Enchanted Weapons

Some changes have been made to the Enchanted weapons.. they are no longer enchanted.

The purple texture on the has been removed, and they now have a rainbow texture and are called Supreme.


Enchanted Spider

The enchanted spider has been removed from the game, and the enchanted gem is DISCONTINUED.

Players who had the enchanted gem before it was discontinued can still use the gem like normal.


Supreme Knight Boss

A new boss called Seismic Knight has been added to the game. This bosses rare drop is the new Supreme Attachment which you can use to create Seismic armour & items.


Supreme Armour

New armour set called Supreme has been added to the game. This armour set has a COOL rainbow texture and also is the best in slot armour in the game.


Magellian Armour

New Magellian Armour has been added to the game, obtainable in the Supreme boxes and from the Magellan Global Boss.


Magellian & Supreme Wings

Both of these wings have been added to the game.

Magellian wings are dropped from the Magellian global boss while the Supreme wings are forged at ::forge!

Supreme wings are BEST IN SLOT!


Magellian & Supreme Wings

The latest and greatest rings have been added to Genesis!

These rings follow the same concept as all of the other magellian & supreme items.

Supreme ring is BEST IN SLOT!


Supreme Mystery Box

The Supreme Mystery Box is purchasable on the store for $10 and is also dropped from the Magellian global boss, grindable at the Imperial Zone Chest.

This is probably the best box ever released on Genesis and we hope you guys like it!


New $1000 Promotional Choice Items

If you have been holding onto that $1000 Promotional Choice, now is the time to use it!

You can now claim Ring of Perpetuity & Astronomical gloves, both give 40% DR and 20% DDR, and 50% DMG when worn in cosmetic slot!


Bond Exchanger NPC

You can now exchange lower amount of bonds for larger amounts with the Bond Exchanger NPC at home.


New $1500 Promotional Item

Our first $1500 Promotional Choice item has been added to the game and is claimable in a $1500 Promotional Choice. If you don't know how to get a $1500 Promotional Choice, you get an attachment in a $1000 Promotional Choice and use it on any $1000 Promotional Item.

The new $1500 item is Unity's Embrace in the Pocket Slot!

60% Cosmetic DR 30%

Double DR 75%

Damage Boost


Discord Integration

You can now link your discord account with your in-game account by typing ::linkdiscord in-game.

Here you must type your discord name and tag in as followed Jonny#3234 - NOTE it is case sensitive!

If your discord name has capitals, you must also type capitals ingame.

Once you have linked your discord account, you can type ::updateroles in-game, and you will get your discord role updated to match your in-game donator rank.

If you also do not have the Genesis discord role already, you will automatically get it once you type this command.



Other Updates

- Added dry drop to obsidian warrior & pring now works on him

- You can now buy items from shops that require coins, such as pickaxes etc

- Enchanted weapons & shield are now retextured and are called Supreme items

- Aura of death and supreme shield are added to the items list

- Fixed bug where players sometimes cant do superior slayer tasks

- Added global tips announcement for ::faq command

- Players can still access alpha zone if they have Omega cape

- Pawn shop now takes genesis coins and the correct amount

- Fixed goodiebags not opening

- Well of goodwill now takes genesis coins

- Fixed bug where right clicking names would show @color tags

- Vote boss hp is buffed

- Players can now block slayer tasks with new genesis coins currency

- Slayer tasks now show correctly in player panel

- Stardusts no longer show as BFGS

- Changing difficulties for daily tasks now saves when relogging

- Removed daily tasks for bosses that were removed from the game

- Endgame table now has correct prices for bonds

- Fixed players not being able to do enchanted spider slayer tasks

- Slayer task blocking interface no longer shows destroyer of fire / seismic supreme boss incorrectly

- Lowered prices on superior slayer shop

- Supreme gloves & cape are now called Ultimate (the old campaign items)

- Fixed price of eternal aura in AFK shop

- Fixed max hit of Blue light saber

- The open 50x galaxy chest hard achievement no longer says open 10

- Fixed bug with private message crashing when you would click 'Message'

- Skilling room in Resurgence raid now scales based on difficulty

- Forge level requirements have been shifted down so its not so high of a requirement

- Omega warrior boss now drops Genesis coins

- Alpha bosses now drop Genesis coins

- Superior slayer tasks now only assign you an amount of 10-15 required kills

- Fixed open superior slayer boxes daily task, it now correctly says open ultimate boxes

- Fixed the realm exchange conversion rate

- Global boss broadcast for Omega & Imperial bosses now only show if you have that donator rank

- If you login with negative slayer points, they will not automatically be set to 0

- Resetting superior slayer tasks now takes superior slayer points


Posted by Jonny


September 9, 2022, 3:12 pm

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